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Baobab Collection presents the new high society collection

Festive tables, set with old dishes, carved glass, antique bouquets ... A touch of the past with the sovereign values of heritage and culture. In times of uncertainty, Baobab Collection celebrates the return to timeless values and classicism with the High Society Collection .


Gatsby, Louise and Swann are the protagonists of this collection: inspired by the illustrious heroes of American and French literature, this collection was created using a glass engraving technique commonly used in prominent crystal workshops.


The choice of the glass color, a rich burgundy red, a rich pine green or the Prussian blue are reminiscent of iconic pieces of clothing in cashmere or silk, or of luxurious and timeless colors of the interior decoration.


Once again this year, Baobab Collection is working with talented artists such as textile designer Thierey Larcher , collage artist Valerie Lade and photographer Peter Lippmann . They created modern depictions of Gatsby, Louise and Swann and lead us like magicians into the world of a 17th century still life. Each of these artists illustrates a story at the transition from tradition and modernity - a realm in which fragrances and interior decoration merge symbiotically.

The collection:

The candles and diffusers of the High Society collection are presented in hand-blown glasses with a hand-engraved Art Deco pattern. The ceramic diffuser cap, handmade by artisans in Portugal, is inspired by a floral motif with metallic glaze.

Available in 4 sizes.

Pearls Sapphire Max 10.jpg



Vetiver - Sea Salt - Amber


The scented candle, named after a fishing village, is crocheted from raffia and is therefore an ideal decorative item for indoor and outdoor use.


Max 10: €105/CHF130; Max 16: €155/CHF190; Max 24: 305€/CHF370; Max €35,610/CHF750.

Feathers - Touareg:


Mint - jasmine - musk


This scented candle in the blue speckled glass convinces with the summery scent composition of mint, jasmine and musk.


Max 10: €84/CHF110; Max 16: €113/CHF150; Max 24: €230/CHF290; Max €35,460/CHF580.

Feathers Touareg-Max 24...png
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