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New at QDS: Simplehuman presents the sensor mirror SE

Exactly what YouTubers and YouTube fans have been waiting for!


Perfect for watching YouTube videos and tutorials, simplehuman introduces the Sensor Spiegel SE with an integrated phone stand so you can support your phone while you use the mirror. Low battery? No problem! There is a USB port to charge your cell phone.

Like all sensor mirrors, the SE lights up automatically when your face approaches. The Tru-Lux lighting system simulates natural sunlight and allows you to see full color variations so you know when your makeup is color correct and flawless.  While not wireless, it has a built-in power cord with built-in cable management so it never gets dirty or confusing. It offers 5x magnification - ideal for detailed work while being able to see your entire face at once.

Sensor mirror SE features:

  • Tru-Lux lighting system: With 600 lux and a color rendering index (CRI) of 95, the tru-lux lighting system simulates natural sunlight.

  • Sensor on / off: Lights up automatically when your face approaches the mirror.

  • 5X Magnification: Provides exceptional detail while allowing you to see your entire face at once.

  • inbase cable management: The coil of the power cable under the underside of the mirror ensures that it does not get caught.

  • inbase phone stand: allows you to place your phone so that you can multitask while using the mirror.

  • inbase phone charger: Located under the base of the mirror, it allows you to charge your phone or other devices that charge with standard USB.

  • Maximum adjustability: the mirror can be tilted back completely so that you always have a clear and comfortable view - even when standing.

The simplehuman sensor mirrors simulate natural sunlight, with its full color spectrum and different intensities, so that you can see real color variations in your make-up. No guesswork or surprises - just true-to-color and flawless!

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