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T3 Micro presents the Curl ID curling iron!

T3 CURL ID with Heat-ID technology : next-generation temperature management. Individually tailored to your hair!


After the Lucea ID straightening iron , T3 is expanding its Heat ID portfolio with a new curling iron with Heat ID and IQ technology : a new component  - chemical treatment -  is taken into account to optimally personalize the temperature on each unique hair profile for gentle and long-lasting results. Fast. Glittering. Smooth. All in one go!


For perfect and shiny curls that last a long time. With less heat damage, hair texture, color treatment and chemical treatment are taken into account.


Whether straightening, perm or keratin treatment: some procedures change the hair quality and structure. The new T3 Curl ID regulates the temperature automatically according to your inputs for gentle and long-lasting results.


The T3 Micro Curl ID with Heat ID and Rapid Heat IQ technology offers tailor-made temperature management for shiny results with less damage and an optimized user experience: The innovative 32mm curling iron has two ceramic CeraSyncTM heating elements that ensure an even and constant heat distribution over the entire Staff care. The cool tip, the audio-visual touchscreen and a manual mode make hair curling easier than ever. The ion generator ensures less frizz and more shine.

As usual with the T3 Micro , the device is always elegantly presented in rose gold and white, now with a matt, light mother-of-pearl finish.

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Cutting edge technology. Healthy results.

T3 HeatID:  the patented T3 HeatID technology enables tailor-made temperature adjustment like never before. 9 temperature settings in combination with an individually adjustable hair profile guarantee the optimum temperature for smooth, shiny curls.


T3 Rapid HeatIQ: An intelligent microchip controls and regulates the output in order to minimize temperature fluctuations and ensure rapid heat recovery.


9 temperature settings: The 9 digitally controlled temperature settings offer advanced thermal accuracy that automatically adjusts to the inputs for hair texture, color and chemical treatment to deliver optimal curls.


Ion generator: The powerful built-in ion generator generates 10MM negative ions per cubic centimeter, for less frizz and more shine.

Two T3 CeraSyncTM heating elements:  Two powerful ceramic heating elements provide even and precise heat for quick styling in just one pass.


Cool tip: The cool tip ensures that the tip does not get hot for more comfort when styling.


Audiovisual Touchscreen : The touchscreen provides the ultimate and most responsive profile.


Manual mode: swipe your finger to select your settings for quick and easy use.


Automatic switch-off: The curling iron switches off automatically after one hour of non-use.

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